Alex Hillman. of Philadelphia, PA:
“I’m lucky to have Britt Miller originals on display where I work at Indy Hall as well as at home. They’re all bright, cheerful additions to my space, wherever I am!”

Patrick L. of Philadelphia, PA:
“Britt Miller’s visual interpretation of a poem I had written came with little more direction than some crazy talk from me. In the end, she really brought it to life, creating an equally stunning and mysterious original piece.”

Dawn R. of Fair Haven, NJ:
“I have known Ms. Miller for ten years and in that time I have watched her artwork evolve with both style and maturity. Ms. Miller’s artwork is reflective of her passion for life in that she is always pushing herself to the limits mentally and physically as well as artistically. She is an individual who’s life has been gifted not only with artistic talent but with drive, intelligence, beauty and grace. I am very proud to be the owner of one of her original pieces and look forward to seeing all the greatness her future holds for her.”

Tim Dodd of Philadelphia, PA:
“I bought my wife a piece of art for her birthday and she absolutely loves it. I personally love Britt’s impressionist and modern style. I would rank her as one of the top artists in the Philadelphia area and hope to buy more from her in the future.”

Jen, ostrich coaching + consulting, of Los Angeles, CA:
“I commissioned Britt to paint a special piece of art as a wedding gift to one of my best friends. He and his wife had recently moved away from Philadelphia so I wanted my gift to be reminiscent of home for their new home and life together. Britt partnered with me to capture the perfect blend of the Love symbol and city architecture. I loved it but more importantly my friends did and it hangs proudly in the entrance of their home. Britt is incredibly talented and I highly recommend her.”

Matt H. of Philadelphia, PA:
“I connected with Britt online after admiring her work on her website. We spoke and I shared with her my vision for the piece. Over the next few weeks she kept be updated on all progress along with any questions about the overall direction. She delivered something that was exactly what I had imagined. I admire it daily as it sits prominently in my home.”

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Shruti M. Desai of London, UK (formerly of Philly):
“Britt did a custom painting of the Philadelphia skyline for my husband’s birthday. She was great to work with and was attentive to details like asking me size, colour ideas, and adaptations I might want. I chose a Philly painting and the views from Camden as it had special meaning to my husband and I as the place where we started our married life. I love that Britt loves Philly as much as we do and it shows in her work. As for her work…wow. the vibrancy of Britt’s paintings, the colours, the paints and textures she uses…all incredible. We love that it is not overly realistic but not overly abstract. It manages to capture the vibrancy and just the FEEL of Philadelphia. And our home looks instantly more homey AND hip when we hang it. We’ve brought Britt’s painting with us now to homes in three countries. It is one of the first things we unpack and hang and is always a centrepiece in our homes. Our friend and guests are so impressed by it and even more so that we know the artist and commissioned the piece.”

Blake V. of Ames, Iowa:
“The art I commissioned from Britt is stunning and a cherished piece of my family’s growing collection. The bright, cheerful colors combined with the flow bring joy and whimsy to one of our favorite Philadelphia landmarks! Thank you for making our home a bit more beautiful!”

Jim V. of Philadelphia, PA:
“Britt’s art receives more compliments than any other paintings, artistic pictures, or photos of our children that we have in our house. She created a piece alive with colors and character that we’re proud to have in our home and we look forward to adding more in the future.”

Mikey Ilagan, Geekadelphia.com, Editor-in-Chief:
“Britt Miller is a fantastic artist, best known for her abstract, impressionist-style renderings of the iconic Philadelphia skyline. Her colorful, high-energy pieces are welcome additions to any home or business, especially for those with a love of all-things Philly.”

Kevin C. of Northborough, MA:
“I’ve known Britt for some time now and first commissioned her for an original piece of art back in 2008. I gave her little direction for a Philadelphia skyline and I was thrilled with the result. Years later, on short notice no less, I reached out to Britt for another original piece of art as a Valentine’s Day gift. Once again Britt came through with flying colors. I can’t recommend her reliability, creativity, and fantastic art enough.”

Bridget B. of Columbus, OH:
“I’ve known Britt for almost 10 years and am continually in awe of her energetic creativity that is encompassed in every piece of art she produces. Her work is a constant stream of color, light and beauty. Britt can capture historic landmarks, exotic places and notable skylines and re-create them into original designs that are as unique and colorful as the artist herself. As an avid Van Gogh fan, I couldn’t love her rendition of Starry Night more. It’s an iconic work of art that she truly made her own, which is a real talent.”

Steve Boyle, Steve Boyle Photo, of Philadelphia, PA:
“One of Britt’s cityscape views of Philadelphia from Camden is the focal point of my living room and receives compliments from guests daily. The piece brightens my loft and makes me proud to be a Philadelphian and honored know such a successful local artist.”

Colin Weir of Philadelphia, PA:
“My wife bought one of Britt’s paintings for me shortly before I moved to California, and it was a great reminder of home while I was so far away. Now it hangs in our house in Philly and it’s one of our favorite pieces.”

Ruth Margaret C. of Peterborough, NH:
“I love Britt Miller’s art. Her vibrant colors are great and her choice of subject matter is so near to my heart as a native Philadelphian now living outside the Philly area. I’ve received her art as gifts and in turn purchased it for others who love it!”Marta Schmid of Philadelphia, PA“Upon moving into a new, blank, and characterless apartment I sought out artwork that would bring dimension to the space. Britt not only created a customized piece but created an experience in which we discussed my preferences and visions for the space. The painting is the main focal and discussion piece in my living room, and is absolutely beautiful. I look forward to buying new pieces in the future.”